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May 2018

Haven Win – Winter 2018

By Competitions

You might be in HR or recruitment, or can tell the story from the perspective of the interviewee. We’re looking for a reader’s most awkward, funny or horrific job interview tale. Give us your best story in 250 words or fewer, for the chance to win $1,000.

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Haven Extras – Winter 2018

By Home Lifestyle Tips

You’ll never miss your suitcase on the baggage conveyor belt again when it’s wrapped in this personalised cover featuring your mug. Nothing says “that’s my luggage” quite like a giant version of your own face! The Head Case comes in three sizes, is made from durable polyester and spandex and stretches to fit snugly over your case, with a set of well-placed openings keeping the handles accessible. Ingenious.

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Why you can bank on a broker

By Buying My First Home, Finance Help, Investing In Property, Refinancing My Home Loan

One in two Australian home buyers1 now borrow via a broker. A dip in sentiment towards traditional banks, tighter lending criteria for investors and better-educated consumers have all helped boost mortgage brokers’ popularity over the past decade. There are, indeed, a raft of reasons to turn to a broker for your next home loan. Here are eight to get you started.

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Taxing times for property owners

By Buying My First Home, Finance Help, Investing In Property

It’s no secret tax deductions, in addition to capital gains, remain a carrot for property investors. But tax rules have tightened, and the landscape is always shifting, making it hard for the average person to keep up with what’s claimable, and what’s not.
With June 30 creeping up, Haven looks at tax impacts for property owners and how to maximise returns.

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Monthly Winner for April 2018

By Competitions, News

We appreciate your feedback, that’s why each month we give our customers who have recently settled a loan the chance to go in the competition to win a small thank you gift. This month’s winner is Diana, and she has won a $500 Coles Myer voucher. Congratulations Diana!

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