Buying My First Home

Constructive contracts – the paperwork and planning behind your build

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You’ve dog-eared magazines, spent countless weekends at display villages and finally made the bold decision to build rather than buy a home. While choosing where and what to build are exciting and giant steps, you might not feel as enthusiastic about the necessary building contracts and approvals. But knowing your legal rights and responsibilities will help protect your investment and remove potential pain points in the construction process.

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Still room for first buyers

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With fewer first buyers taking out home loans than a decade ago, one might have concerns for the future of the Great Australian Dream.
While affordability is squeezing high-demand capitals, such as Sydney and Melbourne, interest rates remain at record lows, continuing to give astute first-time buyers opportunities to purchase their piece of the property pie.
Just because you can’t afford what or where you want to buy first up, doesn’t mean you should forego property altogether. The longer you leave getting into the market, the harder it may become. Property prices may increase beyond your reach or the cost of living in general may climb, making it harder to save for a deposit.
While you may not be able to afford your dream home now, you can still take steps to help you afford it in the future.

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Ease the squeeze

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The good news is interest rates are at record lows. The bad news is the average mortgage size in most Australian capitals has hit an all-time high. The challenge for many borrowers who are used to low rates could be keeping up with payments when rates inevitably rise. Those who want to get ahead will be taking steps now to make the most of low rates so they have a buffer down the track. But if you are already feeling weighed down by debt, it may be time to lighten the load.

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