Haven Win – Winter 2018

May 29, 2018

Job interview horror story

You might be in HR or recruitment, or can tell the story from the perspective of the interviewee. We’re looking for a reader’s most awkward, funny or horrific job interview tale. Give us your best story in 250 words or fewer, for the chance to win $1,000.
How: send your job interview story in 250 words or fewer to  havencompetitions@afgonline.com.au placing ‘Job Interview’ in the subject line.
Include: your name, address, email, phone number and the name of your mortgage broker.
Dates: opens on May 18 and closes on July 12
Winner: will be decided on July 13 and notified by telephone after this time.

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In our last edition of Haven we asked you to regale us with a story of your most embarrassing moment. Congratulations to Michael – by managing to amuse the night shift and us, 1,000 big ones are yours!

My most embarrassing moment was when I was staying at an inner-city Sydney hotel for a work conference. After enjoying “a few” evening networking drinks with my colleagues I retired to my room, undressed and flopped into the big comfy bed and fell quickly into a deep, deep sleep.
Next thing I woke to the sound of the one-way fire door slamming shut behind me. I had sleep walked my way into a 30 floor fire escape stairwell wearing nothing – I mean nothing, other than the watch on my wrist which read 5am. I banged on the door for about five minutes – nothing. I then went down 15 or so floors, floor by floor doing the same thing – nothing, no response. Got to the ground floor and that door opened directly onto the street where a rubbish truck was doing its normal pick up, probably not expecting a naked man to wave him down.
So I retreated back into the stair well. I went up all 30 floors to the top, it was locked. I was trapped and it was now 7am. Suddenly I heard someone call my name and when I got back to the 15th floor there was someone holding out a white towel. I wrapped it around me and he handed me my room key and said “we have never laughed so much on night shift, that was fantastic!” The hotel staff were watching me on their CCTV the whole time.

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